Welcome to Sponsorshops

It’s with great pride (and a bundle of nerves) that I’d like to introduce you to www.sponsorshops.com – a world first marketplace for sponsorships. 

Why Sponsorshops?

Well, we know that finding the right sponsors for corporate events, expos, sports clubs, charities or school fete is REALLY hard work. 

The location, reach, demographic, interests and the PRICE all have to be aligned. 

And even when that  perfect match is made, there’s the further slog of invoicing and chasing invoices etc… 

Well – Sponsorshops hopes to solve this problem and to make sponsorships REALLY easy. 

To sign up for FREE please go to www.sponsorshops.com

And If you’d like to list opportunities, membership is just $110 a year (including GST) and it empowers you to list as MANY sponsorship opportunities as you wish. 

So whether you are looking for sponsors, or looking to sponsor – we hope you will join us.

Yours truly, ash  Sponsorshops – part of the GoodCompany Group – connecting those who can give with those in need.


Sponsorshops on Biteable.

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