Sponsorship – Where will you find your true love?

If you’re looking for sponsorship love for your charity, sports club, school or business event – where do you start? Well, give me 5 minutes of your time and I’ll show you. But we need to start by investigating where people go to find love and you’ll find some surprising clues… including your parents.

That’s right, for the last few centuries your parents would have been the primary gatekeepers for finding and arranging your love life. Then the 1920’s saw more singles flirt with the idea of modern matchmakers. By the 1950’s women joined the workforce on mass and along with it came the birth of the office romances. Then 1994 saw the arrival of the TV show FRIENDS which popularized the idea that your “friends” would solve all your dating needs. But in 1995 the launch of the first global dating site match.com changed EVERYTHING!

Suddenly a world of opportunity and possibility opened up. No longer limited by family, friends or work, the World Wide Web empowered millions to spread their romantic net as far and wide as their imagination could take them. Based on looks, locations, age, interests, preferences, and beliefs filters and search and tech have allowed millions of relationships to blossom and dating will never be the same again.

Meanwhile traditional large Sponsorship seems to be stuck in the age of matchmakers who charge between 15-30% commission.

And the grassroots (under $30K) sponsorship for sports clubs, charities, schools and events is stuck in a FRIENDS episode where Ross and Chandler have been pressured by Rachel and Monica to ask Joey to sponsor Phoebe’s new cat charity.

Sure, it was funny at the time, but for those looking for grassroots sponsorship today – this show ain’t funny.

That’s why we invented Sponsorshops – Australia’s first transactional Sponsorship Marketplace.

Like dating, we want to break the shackles off a closed network of family, friends and favours and spread the love far and wide across the web. We want to help sports clubs, charities, schools and events increase awareness and find a love match, no matter where they reside.


St Kilda Mums from Melbourne, Victoria never dreamed that they would find sponsorship love from Love2Dream in Alexandria, Sydney 1100 KM away?

Though our platform they made it happen. A shared love of mums, bubs and making a difference.  

So if you’re looking for some loving, Sponsorshops gives you all of the tools to LIST your opportunity (based on location, price, reach, interest and more) and more importantly SHARE it across Facebook, LinkedIN and other social networks righty across the web. Plus Sponsorshops has relationships with lots of corporates who are consistently scouring the site for new sponsorship opportunities. A love match is just a click away.

On the flip side, if you are a brand that is looking to spread some love, go to www.sponsorshops.com . What a better way to support your community, (current and future buyers of your product / service), maximize your budget, increase your brand equity and your Corporate Social Responsibility messaging.

It’s as easy as a Swiping on Tinder. Just select the sponsorship you want, pay online, see if the other party agrees and boom – it’s a love match.

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